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TNI BOOKS has teamed with Suicide Squeeze Records for a very special release. Zach Hill (pummeling-secret-robot drummer for Sacramento noise-rock heroes Hella, Nervous Cop, Team Sleep, etc.) steps out on his own with Zach Hill & Holy Smokes and delivers an album & book combination for the Next-Next Millennium. Teaming up with a variety of friends and cohorts (including Carson McWhitter from The Advantage and Rob Crow from Pinback), Hill and his band present MASCULINE DRUGS, a hailstorm of a full-length album with thunder claps and lightning snaps that ups the ante from Zach’s past skill flaunting and certainly pushes the young mindblower to the front of the noise-maker pack. Includes an equally confounding perfect-bound children’s storybook written and illustrated by Hill titled DESTROYING YOURSELF IS TOO ACCESSIBLE. Find it in the online store.

TNI BOOKS has teamed up with Elephant Rock Books and THE2NDHAND to bring you ALL HANDS ON: A THE2NDHAND READER. The book is available now in the online store and there are some events planned for the book's launch!

What's clear is that I'm so glad that you're here. The good news around these parts is that we've got a new book coming in the next few weeks for you to enjoy.

Edited by Todd Dills
Published by Elephant Rock Books in association with TNI BOOKS. An anthology of works published in THE2NDHAND (Chicago's broadsheet and online magazine for new writing), ALL HANDS ON straddles the line separating the traditional and the new, its pages a mini tug-of-war between beautiful, campfire-style storytelling and high-voltage experimentation. Think like a mountain, rock 'n' roll, draw up the itinerary, live, and try it out! Contributors to the book include: Joe Meno, Jeb Gleason-Allured, Amina Cain, Elizabeth Crane, Susannah Felts, Brian Costello, Todd Dills, Adam Voith, Tom Bradley, and many others...Stay tuned for info on ordering very soon! There are some events planned for the book's launch!

That's hot, right? Best to you, Adam & TNI BOOKS

Welcome, and please stay for a look around. I've been a bit quiet as of late, but today an update with a new letter (don't you want to send me your letters to anyone, from anyone, about anything?), the last goodbye post in Josh B's long-running "Circular Sounds from the Blackout", and news that we'll be continuing our discounted gift bundles in the online store. Books for your loved ones, or discounts to treat yourself: let's go!

Soon there will be news of an upcoming book or two we're working on over here, and we'll bring on a new guest to pick up where Josh B's action leaves off!

All is well, yeah? Best to you, Adam & TNI BOOKS

There's a new letter, and new discounted bundles for holiday shopping ease! Books for your loved ones, let's go!

At ease, Adam & TNI BOOKS

Welcome to the new site, where long hours were spent on the overhaul. New:"Letters Received" section invites you to teach TNI BOOKS a thing or two! Updated: "Etcetera" section will have new writing and other things soon!

Issue Four of LITTLE ENGINES has arrived! I'm hyped on this issue, and believe it stands out as the strongest yet.

Excited for: David Drury! His story "Things We Knew When the House Caught Fire", from LITTLE ENGINES Issue Three, was selected for the Best American Non-Required Reading 2003 edition. That's two for two with our magazine in that great new series, and we're honored!

Also pleased to congratulate: Chris Pew/Capsule9! His work on LITTLE ENGINES Issue Three is noted in PRINT magazine's Regional Design Annual 2003. Whoo!

And finally, familiarize yourself with our Micro-Distro Action!

Enjoy, Adam & TNI BOOKS